A fierce tug-of-war was successfully held !

This is third tug of war of JYD MIRROR.


The competition consists of eight teams,they’re from assembly department,painting &printing department,administrative department ,quality department,injection department.

The players in the wide arena are rubbing their hands, as if itching to drag the opposite side in front of their own face immediately. Look at the onlookers around, all with burning blood, as if they also want to participate in.

Both players come to the ropes,when the referee calls "ready? ",the players into two row,everyone would be ready to take "ready!"

Look at the feet of players,it seems to have taken root.Their faces turned red,hand worn out skin but they did not given up,keep hold of the rope.

Gradually,the rope edged closer to the one side,red rope is behind the white line.


With the whistle blowing, the winner of the game was born.

At the moment, the field is full of applause, merged into the ocean of joy!


Finally, the leaders of the company presented prizes to the winners and take photos.

The third tug-of-war competition of JYD MIRROR was successfully concluded!

Looking forward to next year !


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